One With Water Technique
Kanji 一水の術
Rōmaji Issui no Jutsu
Literal English One With Water Technique
English TV One With Water Jutsu
Other With Water Technique
Classification Hiden
Type Water Release
Rank B-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range Short to Mid range
Derived Jutsu Living Water Technique
Users Mizuno Clan

Amaya Mizuno

Toshi Mizuno

Washi Mizuno

This technique was created by the Mizuno Clan. It allows the user to merge his or her chakra with any source of water, allowing them to control the movement of the water by simply moving their own bodies. If one were to constantly merge his or her chakra with a singular source of water, over time that specific water mass would respond to the user's movement more quickly than if they were to use a source of water that they had not been constantly merging their chakra with.


  • This skill is similar to how Gaara utilizes his sand.