Living Water Technique
Kanji 生水の術
Rōmaji Seisui no Jutsu
Literal English Living Water Technique
English TV Living Water Jutsu
Classification Hiden, Kinjutsu
Type Water Release
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short to Mid range
Parent Jutsu One With Water Technique
Users Mizuno Clan

Amaya Mizuno

This technique is derived from the Mizuno Clan's One With Water Technique, with the only difference being that instead of using water from an outside source one uses the water from their own bodies to fight with. It still allows the user to change the phase of the water and do everything that it's parent jutsu allows the user to do. The technique still requires perfect chakra control in order to move the water to where one wants it to go.

An advantage of this technique is that by using one's own body water, it makes it far easier for their chakra to be merged with the substance. This in turn allows them to maneuver the water much easier and far quicker than another source of water.

However, this technique was labeled a Kinjutsu because by using one's own body water for this fighting style quickly dehydrates the user and can eventually kill them if their body water is absent from their body for far too long. Also, users of this skill have been noted to need to drink far more water than many other human beings in order to prevent dehydration.