Kiyomi Mizuno
(水野清美, Mizuno Kiyomi)

Kiyomi Mitarashi (みたらし清美, Mitarashi Kiyomi)

Birthdate June 14
Gender Female
Age Part I: 38-39

Part II: 42-44

Height 168 cm
Weight 53.2 kg
Blood Type A
Affiliation Konoha Konohagakure
Occupation Housewife
Clan Mizuno Clan
Family Amaya Mizuno (Daughter)

Toshi Mizuno (Son)

Kaori Mizuno (Daughter)

Washi Mizuno (Husband)

Anko Mitarashi (Adopted Sister)

Suzuki Mitarashi (Sister)


Kiyomi Mizuno (水野清美, Mizuno Kiyomi) is a character of the story An Illegal Kunoichi. She is a jonin-level former kunoichi of Konohagakure and a member of the Mizuno Clan as well as the mother of Amaya, Toshi, and Kaori.

Background Edit

At the age of twenty-three she insisted to take in Anko Mitarashi and care for her after being found by several ANBU in the Land of the Sea. Kiyomi deeply cares for Anko as if she were her biological sister. However, only a year later she retired as a shinobi and left to marry Washi Mizuno, the head of the Mizuno clan, and retired from her position as a ninja. Since then, she has given birth to and raised three children: Amaya, Toshi, and Kaori.

Personality Edit

Kiyomi is described as a loving mother as well as a caring friend. Many describe her as being very intelligent as well as having a good eye for small details. Kiyomi is very feminine and is quite, not prone to having outbursts of any sort. She cares deeply for others, wishing to find ways to be helpful in any situation, and not wanting to see her friends or family hurt. She also cares deeply for her children, shown by how she often apologizes to Amaya for not visiting Kaori or her very often. Furthermore, Kiyomi has a deep love for her village and would do anything to ensure the safety of everyone who lived there.

Appearance Edit

Kiyomi has straight, purple hair and teal eyes, eyes that she passed onto her eldest daughter. She has a slender and athletic body as well as a moderately-sized bust. In comparison to her friends, she has rather long legs and arm, a trait she also shares with her eldest daughter.

Her bangs are gently swept to the sides of her forehead. She is often seen wearing simple, loose-fitting kimonos that reach to her ankles, where they lead to a pair of black sandals, with a deep red sash tied around her waist. In the center of the sash there is a white circle with the Mizuno symbol placed inside it. Her ears are normally adorned with small gold hoops that accentuate the gold wedding ring she wears. On her face she wears bright pink lipstick and occasionally a dusting of silver eye-shadow.

Part IEdit

Introduction ArcEdit

While she did not make an appearance, Suzuki briefly thought whether or not Kiyomi noticed what was happening to her youngest daughter while she and Amaya resided in the Mizuno compound. However, she quickly dismissed the idea that Kiyomi knew and did nothing, remembering how much she cared for her children as well as her village.