The Illegal Kunoichi Saga is a collection of stories that tell the tale of Amaya Mizuno's life in Konohagakure. However, some of the stories in this collection focus on other characters besides Amaya.

Main StoriesEdit

Violet WarriorEdit

Violet Warrior

The first story of the series. Tells the tale of Kiyomi Mitarashi during her time as a ninja. Goes into more detail about how she met and took in Anko as well as how she came to marry Washi Mizuno. Starts when Kiyomi partakes in her first Chunin Exam, meeting a boastful redheaded woman named Kushina.

Shifting RolesEdit

The second story of the series. Covers Amaya's childhood while she still resided in the compound and how she became a student at the Academy as well as a few years of her enrollment.

An Illegal KunoichiEdit

An Illegal Kunoichi

The third story of the series. Begins after Amaya becomes a full-fledged ninja. It covers her first time taking the Chunin Exam as well as the following months.

Desert RainEdit

Desert Rain

The fourth story. Begins a couple years after the end of the previous story when Amaya receives her first solo mission. It then covers how she ended up spending several months in Suna as well as her time there. Ends at the end of the Kazekage Rescue Arc.

Warrior PrincessEdit

Warrior Princess

The fifth story. Begins right after the events of the previous novel when Amaya returns to Konoha. It then covers the next several months as more jinchūriki are getting captured by the Akatsuki as well as the outbreak of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Side StoriesEdit

In addition to the main stories, there are a few side stories that are not included in the main story-line but involve many of the same characters.


Set during the time skip between An Illegal Kunoichi and Desert Rain. Starts after the events of the previous story and covers the time Amaya spends on a temporary team alongside Naruto Uzumaki and Ringo Fujimaki.

Royally Flushed Edit

A story that takes place in an alternate timeline. Tells the tale of the Mizuno Clan's heiress, Amaya, as she prepares for her wedding with Sasuke Uchiha. The story starts just when both clans publicly announce the engagement as continues over the following months as Amaya begins to find herself drawn to an odd ninja named Kiba Inuzuka...


A one-shot story that revoles around a conversation that Amaya has with Sasuke after his defection from the village.